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Global Governance Software

GGS is a team composed of entrepreneurs, corporate advisors, and technology professionals with extensive experience, united with the purpose of providing top-notch technology and services to companies for shareholder capital management. They have developed a Shareholder Capital Management Platform (SCMP) based on SaaS technology that offers a comprehensive solution for all aspects related to shareholder participation, the board, and executives.


  1. Development of mobile applications to expand SCMP’s functionalities in key areas such as messaging, calendars, APIs, and third-party integrations with social media platforms.
  2. Utilization of the agile Kanban framework to advance requirements and add value efficiently.
  3. The platform was developed in PHP without a specific framework and features a responsive design.
  4. Internal QA conducted by the client.
  5. Timely resolution of reported issues using priorities on the Kanban board.
  6. Successful launch of at least one major version before entering the market.

Technologies used:

  • PHP

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