- Technology is the future,
information is our new


Advancements in technology, especially in Data & AI,
enable a range of unforeseen opportunities to
amplify, automate and optimize these decisions

The objectives that we seek to cover with Data & Artificial
Intelligence to maximize customer value are:

– Connect

Increase Conversion of
Prospects to Customers

Turn anonymous users into know customers across devices with responsive registration solutions that allow you to capture consumer data in a seamless and transparent way.

– Collect

Induce the purchase of
products and services
related to the user profile.

Build rich, unified customer profiles by consolidating a wide variety of data types into a single customer view while staying in compliance with all social network policies and an ever expanding set of regional data protection and privacy regulations.

– Convert

Raise the average ticket of
current customers.

Mobiik makes it easy to get deeper insights into your audience with Customer Insights and Analytics tools, while easily integrating customer data across every application in your stack to drive new business value.


What can we know
about our client at each stage?

Data & Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides a trusted, single view of a
customer’s name, address, contact information, gender, and interactions
with a business. The view can include information about purchase history,
billing, service issues, social presence, and channel preferences. Businesses
can use this data to inform engagement strategies, customer journey steps,
communications, personalized offers, and deliveries. A Customer 360 view
enables organizations to derive value, achieve sustainable competitive
advantage, and maximize new customer acquisition opportunities.


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