Technology in health: Digital clinical record

Imagine a world where medical care is fast, safe and efficient! Electronic Health Records (EHR) are making this a reality. Forget file cabinets: the digital age protects vital patient information, accessible at the touch of a button.

Resistance to change: A hurdle to overcome

But what happens when innovation clashes with tradition? Some institutions are still not coping with digitization, putting efficiency and quality of patient care at stake.

ECE: Synonymous with efficiency and safety

With ECEs, doctors have a superpower: complete and up-to-date information on every patient at their fingertips. Emergencies? Seconds count, and ECEs can make all the difference.

Technology in the service of regulation

Mobiik comes into play here, weaving technology into the very fabric of healthcare. We ensure that ECE systems are not only advanced, but also aligned with the Mexican Official Standard. Confidentiality, security and accessibility are our priorities.

The pillars of ECE according to the standard

For ECEs, the standard dictates:

  • Rigorous user authentication.
  • Shielding of medical information.
  • Thorough recording of interactions.
  • Access restricted to authorized eyes.
  • Instant information, when and where it is needed.
  • Disaster-proof security.

The standard: A mandatory shield

If you are a healthcare institution in Mexico, applying this standard is not optional; it is the basis for protecting the integrity of patients.

Mobiik: allies in innovation

We offer custom-designed systems, with scalability that adapts to your growth. Our experts understand that each institution is unique and needs a customized solution.

Ready to help you

Want to know how technology can elevate your healthcare service? Mobiik is your next step towards revolutionary medical management. Connect with us, and together, let’s raise the standard of healthcare.

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