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Sell Your Classic

Sell Your Classic (SYC) is a well-known company in the American classic car market. Essentially, as its name suggests, SYC offers classic cars for sale and organizes auctions. With over 15,000 unique cars available and a massive amount of photos to process, they needed to refresh and unify the user experience.


Our team rewrote the code for the previous direct requests so that image processing was faster than before. They also developed a new processing method using other PHP techniques.

Reduced calls to Firebase. We optimized access to gallery functions by making all gallery-related calls in a single JSON instead of multiple small resource-consuming calls.

Multi-threading. We ran the same routine on mutually exclusive sets of photos for faster processing.

Use of a Content Delivery Network (CDN). We used AWS S3 to make all car images available as quickly as required by modern business standards.

Technologies used:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Firebase
  • PHP
  • WordPress

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