Cemex, a leading global company in the production and sale of construction materials such as cement, concrete, and aggregates, recognized the importance of getting closer to its customers and optimizing its sales processes to maintain its market leadership position. To achieve this, it sought a strategic collaboration with MCS, a technological ally, with the goal of addressing critical points of interaction with its customers and making its sales processes more agile and efficient.

In a joint effort between Mobiik, MCS, and Cemex, a thorough analysis of Cemex’s customer journeys and needs was conducted. This analysis resulted in the creation of a powerful solution: the CEMEX Go platform. This revolutionary mobile application has been adopted by over 35,000 customers in 21 countries, enabling them to place orders more quickly and securely. CEMEX Go has become an essential tool for interaction between Cemex and its customers, significantly improving the customer experience and sales process efficiency.

But innovation didn’t stop there. A multidisciplinary team of six people dedicated approximately four months to create the Development Center portal, an application based on the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. This portal had a significant impact by connecting processes across external user business systems, resulting in accelerated key processes such as sales orders, billing, and delivery. This advancement has amplified the productivity of all participants in Cemex’s sales ecosystem.

The key technologies that made this transformation possible included:

  • API Management
  • Development in .NET

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